Our Vision

We will be the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world

Our vision is to become the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world by the time we celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2025.
Safety and security are among the basic human needs and are as essential as the air we breathe. It is extremely important, especially in our highly developed world, that we never take safety and security for granted. As one of the world ’s leading providers of expert services, DEKRA has been working for a safer world since the company was founded in 1925. Over the years, our expertise has made a significant contribution to reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
For us safety and security also includes acting sustainably to preserve our world for future generations. We have only this one world and we are all responsible for it together.

As a leader in testing, certification and inspection industry, our vision is to ensure that products, assets and technologies are safe, secure and sustainable – our role is to give people confidence.

Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE

We ensure safety, security and sustainability in the three areas of life on the road, at work and at home

Safety is a core need for everyone. Injuries and preventable deaths can happen on the road, at work or at home. We know that many accidents can be avoided. That is why we want to help reduce their number:
  • by supporting the development, specification, use and maintenance of technical devices and equipment used either on the road, at work or at home.
  • by developing and improving standards and guidelines that ensure optimal safety performance.
  • by promoting safety awareness, safety knowledge and safety-oriented behavior.

Our employees are our soul and identity

The best goals and visions are meaningless without the people behind them who believe in them, live them and work to achieve them every day. All of us at DEKRA can only manage to achieve our ambitious and important goals together. To this end, we have imposed five People Values on ourselves as a guide for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees around the globe. Those five People Values are:
Responsibility for safety
Everyone at DEKRA lives up to our safety standards every day. We consider safety as a real benefit to us, our clients, our stakeholders, our families and friends. We act as role models to ensure safety – during our work and beyond.
Customer orientation
Everyone at DEKRA contributes to customer satisfaction. We continuously ask ourselves what makes our customers appreciate our work, and we live up to those expectations every day within the valid framework given at DEKRA.
Everyone at DEKRA has entrepreneurial knowledge. Creating opportunities, embracing personal responsibility and applying economic thinking are typical attitudes of our culture, deeply embedded in the DNA of DEKRA.
Team spirit
Everyone at DEKRA cooperates to create a positive and productive working atmosphere. Working as a team, supporting each other and sharing knowledge form the basis for our company‘s success and future growth. Collaboration, mutual respect and partnership characterize our actions.
Everyone at DEKRA can be expected to be sincere and honest. We follow the laws and act according to ethical principles. We honor our commitments and take personal responsibility for our actions. We act neutrally and independently when performing our services.

Our Corporate Principles

We have developed seven Corporate Principles.They are our strategic imperatives to help to translate our vision into action. These seven Corporate Principles are:
Economic success
To us, economic success means achieving profitable growth. This guarantees our independence and our ability to ensure safety. Besides, we focus on clear and long-term strategies that are implemented by means of efficient structures and processes. We consistently invest the results of our success in the future of our company.
Substantial growth guarantees realization of our mission to ensure safety in accordance with the statutes laid down by our founding fathers. Growth allows more and more people to benefit from our safety solutions on the road, at work and at home. Growth allows us to intensify our innovation and investment activities in order to strengthen our competitiveness. Our growth allows us to be a strong partner for customers of all sizes and to provide secure jobs for our employees. We focus on organic growth, which we selectively complement with strategic acquisitions and people partnerships.
Customer focus
We know our customers and put their needs at the center of our actions. We prove to be a customer focused organization – every single day – with all our services, in everything we do, everywhere in the world. Because customer satisfaction determines the success of our company.
We follow our mission globally. Our services ensure safety on all continents. Globalization supports our growth and allows us to expand our market position. Having a global orientation enables intensive cooperation with our international customers and strengthens our brand’s positioning as a thought leader in global safety. Our human resource policy supports and demands further internationalization of our people.
We want to anticipate future developments early on. We actively shape them and design solutions to fulfill our mission for the benefit of our customers and for continued development of our organization. In this sense, our company encourages creativity and continuous learning. It shows readiness to assume risks, to provide required funds and to ensure a culture of open information and communication throughout the company.
Collaboration makes us strong: We live a culture of cooperation across organizational boundaries – within DEKRA as well as with our partners. We consistently strive for synergies to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of our structures and processes. We foster knowledge and experience-sharing through our networks and technological tools. We bundle services so that our customers benefit from our comprehensive solutions. We foster internal team spirit, because we are a DEKRA family.
People focus
Our competent and committed people are the primary driving force behind our company. Our vision implies a strong focus on people. Social and technical expertise, creativity and innovation, motivation and commitment are indispensable in our people. This is why we give them scope to be proactive and practice entrepreneurship. Accordingly, emphasis is placed on participation in the company‘s success and assumption of individual responsibility. We ensure an attractive working environment, equal opportunities and focused people development.